Discover The Hidden Empathic Life Of Plants

The Secret Life Of Plants

Plants have a secret life that most of us are unaware of. Already in 1873 the animal physiologist Burdon Sanderson discovered that the Venus flytrap creates electrical signals when closing its trap. These signals are similar to nerve impulses found in humans and animals
In their book “The Secret Life Of Plants” Christopher Bird and Peter Tomkins claim that this electrical activity points to a hidden consciousness in plants. Whether or not this is the case is still out in the open and now you can draw your own conclusions with emplant.

The Empathic Plant

Since the discovery of the electrical activity in plants by Sanderson, we have acquired a lot more knowledge about the hidden life of plants. We know today that plants react to outer stimulus from their environment like touch, humidity, light and gravity. We even know that trees use electro and chemical processes to communicate with each other. Here are a two short videos that give you a little insight into the hidden plant lives around you.

The Wood Wide Web

Electrical Experiments With Plants

What is emplant?

Emplant is a small device that gives you the ability to turn the language of plants into music. It does this by measuring the signals that come from two small electrodes that are attached to the leaves of your plant. The device measures small changes in the electrical conductivity of the leaves. These changes are the language of the plant and the emplant turns them into music. The music becomes a living reflection of your plants internal mechanisms.

What can emplant
do for you?

Our modern world and way of living creates more and more disconnection, exhaustion and anxiety. Stress related illnesses are on the rise everywhere as a result of overstimulation and the inability to stop. There is a change in human consciousness when we connect to plants. Walking in the forest, talking to your roses & sleeping on the grass brings us into a closer relationship with nature, its intelligence and sensitivity. These experiences can help us to slow down, reset from the day, reflect and build a deeper connection to the real world around us.

Emplant will give you the ability to communicate and experiment with your plants in ways that were not possible before. In your office, at home or in your garden. You might find that by listening to the intriguing music of your plants, you can experience a sensation of calmness and peace, leading to a reduction of stress in your life.


We are currently finishing the design and electronics for the emplant. The images of emplant housing give you an idea of the awesomeness that is coming your way. We will continue to update our website with more images as we progress. We hope the emplant will be available and ready to be distributed Internationally by August 2020. 

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See the emplant in action

See the emplant in action

See the emplant in action We made a lot of progress on the emplant in the last couple of days and...

Presales Started

Presales Started

We Officially launched our website and the presale of the emplant…..

About US


Develop tools that help people to connect deeper with themselves and the natural world around them to foster a more healthy society and way of living. Create tools to research plant life and help to understand it better in order to create a more natural, holistic environment, as well as enhancements in agriculture. Create more awareness of the interconnectedness of life to create a culture of respect and reverence for sentient beings.


The earth and our modern society needs healing on so many levels. We envision a future which is not focused on competition, enrichment, control and ownership. But a future that is driven by collaboration and a holistic way of living that is in tune with the laws of nature.

We believe that making the invisible visible and the inaudible audible will reveal that our world is more interconnected than we think! And that by hurting another, we actually hurt ourselves.
We believe that this understanding will stir a new connection between us. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


When will emplant be available?

We hope the Emplant will be available and ready to be distributed Internationally by August 2020


What do i need to use my emplant?

You only need the emplant and a speaker that you can connect with a headphone jack


Will there be different sounds?

Yes you will be able to chose from a number of presets to generate different musical tones with your plants


Can i connect multiple plants?

With our first release you can only connect one plant at a time. But you can use multiple devices to create a plant orchestra

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